Commercial and Residential Foreclosures

The firm is engaged in civil litigation, including commercial and residential mortgage foreclosures, primarily on behalf of plaintiffs. We have experience in every level of the court system, including trial and appeal. The emphasis is on quickly prevailing in the dispute through litigation and any available non-litigation resolution to include demand prior to suit, aggressive negotiation, and when appropriate, mediation.

Rising debt and payment defaults are forcing many individual and institutional lenders to resort to foreclosure. We primarily represents lenders (and their assigns) in mortgage foreclosure actions. The firm handles both contested and uncontested foreclosure matters. Foreclosures are not handled in a routine or assembly line manner. Rather, each case and each client are given full and appropriate attention.

We are proud to represent institutional and private lenders in the re acquisition of real estate assets and pursuit of deficiency judgments in our effort to make our clients whole. We zealously represent our clients’ interests throughout all phases of the foreclosure process. These include reviewing title reports and other documents, filing the foreclosure complaint, participating in mediation, prosecuting the matter through final judgment, seeking relief from the automatic stay in Bankruptcy Court, participating in the bid/sale process, and delivering possession and proceeds. We also handle any post-judgment proceedings.

In limited circumstances we may defend a homeowner who is facing foreclosure, assisting individuals attempting to save their homes by negotiating a modification and exploring potential defenses. We review our client’s specific needs and circumstances to obtain the best possible result.